Frost Free Hose Bib Replacement

What is a hose bib?A new frost free hose bib. The manufacturer of this specific hose bib is Woodford. Applause Plumbing.

A hose bib goes by many names including, hose bib, sill cock, hydrant, hose faucet, hose spigot, and hose connector. It is essentially a faucet which protrudes through a building or structure (though they can be free standing), and has a special threaded spout which allows one to attach a coarsely threaded garden hose fitting directly to it. It provides water through a valve handle. 

These threads are known as Garden Hose Thread (GHT), but the official name is National Hose (NH), as defined in ANSI B1. The male end is typically on the hose bib, and the female is on the hose.

So now that we have defined what a hose bib is, let's now define what a "frost free hose bib" is.

What is a "Frost Free" Hose Bib?

A frost free hose bib is a complex, modern device which allows the user to leave water pressurized to the faucet even in the winter months, greatly reducing the chance of freeze damage and accidental water contamination via siphonage. 

How does a Frost Free Hose Bib work?

A frost free hose bib stops the water (shuts the water off), deep inside the heated structure. The excess water drains out out of the bib, and air protects against the bib freezing. 

Why do Frost Free Hose Bibs fail?

The most important thing to remember about a frost freeHere we have a photo of the old and new frost free hose bib which has been replaced. Notice the slit in the old hose bib. This is due to freeze damage. This Specific hose bib is from Prier. Applause Plumbing. hose bib is that you must disconnect everything from the hydrant before the weather gets to freezing. If you do not, the water trapped in the hydrant freezes, expands, and bursts the hydrant. The damage will not be noticed until you turn on the hose in the spring and then find there is a flood in your basement (or crawlspace). 

We recommend that everyone disconnect everything from every hose bib on your house around Halloween. However, in colder climates, or for excessive anticipated periods of cold, it may be necessary to prepare sooner. 



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