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What is a sewer main and why would it need to be replaced?

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Just about every home which is on the city sewer system has a building sewer main. This is an underground pipe which goes from the bathrooms and other apertures in the house and extends to the street where it connects with the public system. Trees are on a never ending search for water. They absorb water through their roots. The ends of their roots are very fine and hard and can penetrate the smallest imperfections in even cast iron piping in their search for water. These fibrous roots enter the sewer main and then begin to grow shattering the metal apart over time. These roots then grow laterally in the piping trying to gain as much surface area on the water source as possible. toilet paper and other matter can get caught on these roots and cause a backup. Over time the entry point where the roots penetrated the sewer system can become corroded and/or so broken that it allows soil to enter the sewer piping. this forms a dam which also can cause a sewer backup. This soil can become so packed that it cannot be cleared. that is when it is necessary to replace the piping underground.


We will take care of all necessary paperwork and schedule all inspections and provide all labor and materials. This is called "turn key service".

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